The Principles of MarchOnHarrisburg are the defining agreements that unite us and provide for the maximum freedom and creativity of all members while ensuring that our individual efforts work in harmony to advance our common goals.

  • MISSION: Make Corruption Illegal and Take our Democracy to Where It’s Never Been.

    • MarchOnHarrisburg works to end corruption and move Pennsylvania from the fifth most corrupt state in the USA into one of the least corrupt by passing a wave of democracy bills to end excessive money in politics, end gerrymandering, and secure and expand the right to vote.


    • Decentralized Structure: Leadership is distributed throughout our organization within local chapters, working groups, and a steering committing. Members and teams are autonomous in all matters and actions that are consistent with these Principles.

    • Democratic Cooperation: We practice democratic collaboration to maximize participation, effectiveness, and empowerment. We take collective responsibility to listen, maintain respect and dignity, and strive toward consensus decision making when possible, and defaulting to majority decision making when necessary.

    • Inclusion: We welcome all who embrace these Principles and work to create an empathetic and inclusive community in which everyone is affirmed and supported in developing as a leader, including people of color, women, LGBTQ people, low-income people, immigrants and others who are marginalized. We strive to overcome racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and all forms of oppression, suppression, and repression in the MarchOnHarrisburg community and in our world.

    • Leadership as Service: We affirm and respect leadership not as dominance, ego gratification, or profit-seeking, but as an act of service and responsibility and a process of development and empowerment.

    • Volunteerism: MarchOnHarrisburg is a volunteer-driven organization, with support from three staff members.


    • We are nonpartisan and will never endorse a political candidate or a political party. We pursue the goals of a healthy, open, and fair relationship between government and governed. Our nonpartisan stance is more than a refusal to endorse a candidate; MarchOnHarrisburg believes that the rampant corruption in the government is not and has never been limited to one political party.


    • We are a nonviolent movement and we maintain nonviolent discipline. Our nonviolent actions are escalations that follow lobbying and demonstrations.

    • The goal of our nonviolent direct action is to force an encounter between we the people and our government. The goal to confront our public servants and insist that they see themselves as human beings obligated to serve the public, and that we are human beings who deserve to more fairly participate in making the collective decisions that govern our lives.


    • MarchOnHarrisburg does not work for democracy solely for the sake of democracy itself. We believe that systemic corruption and disenfranchisement is the root issue which prevents reform in all areas of social justice including criminal, environmental, racial, and LGBT justice, and a war economy of stagnation and starvation. We believe that government is how we make collective decisions, and until we fix the ways our government makes decisions, we will continue to not make good collective decisions.

    • MarchOnHarrisburg works to illustrate the intersectionality between democracy issues and other areas of life in dire need of justice and compassion.


    • MarchOnHarrisburg participates in coalitions for democracy issues and within coalitions that are fighting for a broader movement for justice and compassion, such as the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call For Moral Revival, which is demanding an end to the war economy, systemic racism, systemic poverty and ecological devastation.

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