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The problem:

Legalized Bribery

In Pennsylvania, it is completely legal for paid lobbyists to “gift” (bribe) anything to our state representatives. These lobbyists – from firms like American Legislative Exchange Council – routinely gift luxury vacations, cars, concert tickets, sports tickets – and of course, endless wining and dining, every night in Harrisburg. Even cash gifts are legal. In this culture of corruption, legislators are not accountable to their constituents – only to their donors. This affects us all.

The solution:

A Gift Ban

A gift ban would place common sense gift limitations on what legislators can accept. This legislation is not a total gift ban. Legislators could still accept items of nominal value – things like pens, tote bags, or t-shirts – gifts that are unlikely to sway their vote. However, gifts likely to sway a legislator’s vote – items like vacations, cars, tickets, and endless dinners – would be made illegal. 


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we support in the Senate and the House:


The Problem:


Gerrymandering is the insidious way in which political parties draw absurd legislative districts to their own advantage. Gerrymandering distorts our democracy by allowing for politicians to choose their voters, instead of voters choosing their political leaders.


The Solution:

Independent Redistricting Commission

An Independent Redistricting Commission would be comprised of 11 people, made up of Republican, Democrat and Independent citizens, that would draw districts using only census data, not voting or news preferences.


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we currently do not support any bills in the house or the senate due to the hijacking of previously good government bills that had support due to grassroots efforts.

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