The Fight For Democracy in PA Just Got Stronger.

Yesterday, MarchOnHarrisburg joined nonpartisan, good government grassroots organizations Common Cause PA, League of Women Voters PA, and  Represent Us PA at the State Capitol Building to announce the formation of the…

Democracy Partnership of Pennsylvania!

MarchOnHarrisburg will be working with these organizations fight to end corruption, make voting more accessible, and make the democracy of the Commonwealth stronger and more inclusive than it has ever been.

Common Cause PA Micah Sims while speaking at the Democracy Partnership Press Conference

Common Cause PA Micah Sims while speaking at the Democracy Partnership Press Conference

“Our united and diverse coalition hopes to inspire legislators to vote for positive, values-based progress. Together, we will prove that unity and perseverance among ordinary Americans can overcome special-interest lobbying and corruption in the statehouse,” said Common Cause PA Executive Director Micah Sims at the press conference yesterday.

Along with Sims, League of Women Voters PA Executive Director Jill Greene, MarchOnHarrisburg Executive Director Rabbi Michael Pollack, and Represent Us PA Regional Organizer Peter Ouellette spoke about our joint-legislative agenda for the 2019-2020 session.

The Partnership will be traveling across the state this year, hosting a “Democracy Roadshow,” to talk to voters about our joint agenda and growing the movement.

Collectively, the Democracy Partnership is advocating for the following reforms:

  • Early voting

  • No excuse Absentee ballots

  • Same day registration

  • Funding for new voting machines

  • Open primaries

  • Ending gerrymandering through Independent Redistricting Commission

  • Ending legalized bribery through Gift Limitations

In addition to the press conference yesterday, members of the Democracy Partnership joined MarchOnHarrisburg in lobbying elected officials about our new legislative agenda for 2020!

Carol Stowell (Center) and Mary Barnes (to the right of Stowell,) York Chapter co-leaders & other members of the York Chapter, while lobbying in Harrisburg

“I was thrilled to speak with legislators who shared my views about the need for legislative reforms...and two of them were young Republicans-Megan Schroeder and Jonathan Hershey, I was also inspired by speaking with two seasoned Democratic leaders - Margo Davidson and Anthony Deluca...No doubt that the rose colored glasses of a newbie will be whipped off eventually but for now I am encouraged.,” said Carol Stowell, MoH York Chapter leader, who led five York chapter volunteers throughout the day.

MoH will be traveling to Harrisburg every week leading up to our 110-mile pilgrimage from Philadelphia to Harrisburg on April 26th, asking that legislators co-sponsor our legislation and advocate for a hearing and vote. (RSVP to lobby with us here!)

We are stronger together and have never been more excited to be a part of the Democracy Movement in PA!

Rachel Murphy