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Non-Violent Civil Disobedience

The goal of nonviolent direct action is to force an encounter between citizens and their government. The goal of our nonviolent direct action is to confront our public servants and insist that they see themselves as human beings obligated to serve the public. direct action also reminders legislators that we are human beings who deserve to more fairly participate in making the collective decisions that govern our lives.

In 2017, we organized eight actions that resulted in 42 arrests at the State Capitol. In the summer of 2018, we occupied Governor Wolf's office and home, resulting in his support for a special session to end gerrymandering, and then six pro-democracy warriors were arrested at Speaker Turzai's home while asking for a meeting and that he act on gerrymandering reform. 

Most recently, on May 6, twelve activists were arrested outside of the State Capitol Building during a sit-in with bills marked, ‘bribe,’ taped across their mouths, while sitting beneath a banner that read, “$$ Silences Us.” While those democracy warriors were being taken away, eight anti-corruption activists were arrested inside session at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building for dropping dollar-bills marked “bribe,” and chanting, “Some are guilty; all are responsible,” and “Pass the gift ban.” Immediately following our action, Speaker Turzai, the most powerful legislator in the House, signed onto our gift ban bill.