Letter To Candidates

This is the letter that will be sent to the candidates in your district.

Please let us know if you would like to add your name and address as a signer of the letter.

Dear [Candidate’s Name],

We are constituents of the 38th Senatorial District and we would like to know where you stand on democracy reform in Harrisburg.  We are working with the group MarchOnHarrisburg to ask you and other candidates to state your position on your campaign website on two important democracy issues.  

First, do you support a Constitutional amendment to end gerrymandering by creating an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw our legislative and Congressional districts?   

Second, do you support passage of a bill to make it illegal for legislators to accept cash and other gifts?  

If you do support these two reforms, please demonstrate your support by posting statements of support prominently on the "Issues" page of your campaign website.  (Additional information with sample statements and background information on each of these reforms can be found here.)  

MarchOnHarrisburg is a non-partisan, statewide, volunteer-driven organization working to move Pennsylvania from the 5th most corrupt state in the country to the most democratic.  

Once the new legislature is seated, we hope to work with our new Senator to pass legislation that will advance pro-democracy/anti-corruption reform in Harrisburg.  

We look forward to seeing your statement of support on your website!  

Thank you,

Citizens of the 38th State Senate District
[Names & Addresses of Constituents]