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Out of Politics

Reduce the influence of private money in politics and raise the influence of public money to fund campaigns.

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Increase Voter Access, Ensure Free

and Fair Elections

Increase and encourage the ability of voters to vote, and pass bills that would make our elections more open, transparent and accountable.

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Take Back

The Power

Change bureaucratic abnormalities that distort the relationship between government and governed.


Legislative process

MarchOnHarrisburg is committed to taking Pennsylvania from a failing grade in democracy, to one of the least corrupt states in the country. To do so, MarchOnHarrisburg is working to pass pro-democracy, anti-corruption legislation. Currently, MarchOnHarrisburg is advocating for legislation that would end gerrymandering and end legalized bribery.

The legislative agenda is decided from early November through the end of December every other year (before a new legislative session). In mid-December, all MarchOnHarrisburg Steering Committee members have the ability to vote on which bills to work on for the upcoming session. Lobbying begins in early January of each session.

The legislative agenda for each session is decided by considering the following criteria:

  • Bi-partisan support and introduction

  • Momentum of reform

  • The ability and authority of the State Legislature to act on the issue

  • Focuses on issues detailed in the Pennsylvania Anti-Corruption Act: