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The problem:

Legalized Bribery

In Pennsylvania, it is completely legal for paid lobbyists to “gift” (bribe) anything to our state representatives. These lobbyists – from firms like the American Legislative Exchange Council – routinely gift luxury vacations, expensive travel, concert tickets, sports tickets – and of course, endless wining and dining, every session night in Harrisburg. In this culture of corruption, legislators are not accountable to their constituents – only to their donors.

bribery affects prevents reform on every social justice issue that you care about.

The solution:

A Gift Ban

A gift ban would place common sense gift limitations on what legislators can accept. This legislation is not a total gift ban. Legislators could still accept items of nominal value – things like pens, tote bags, or t-shirts – gifts that are unlikely to sway their vote. However, gifts likely to sway a legislator’s vote – items like vacations, cars, tickets, and endless dinners – would be made illegal (just like the 42 other states in which bribery is illegal!)