MarchOnHarrisburg and other pro-democracy groups like it have been working to end gerrymandering through HB722 & SB22. Democratic and Republican power brokers are SCARED to see an independent, nonpartisan, citizen redistricting commission implemented in Pennsylvania. Our State Legislature continues to ignore the will of the people, trample our constitution, and destroy democracy by ruining these good-government bills.




April 11, 2018: HB722 was bastardized when the House State Government Committee held a voting meeting on HB722. An amendment was proposed that guts HB722 and gives even more power to legislators, and it passed.


May 22, 2018: SB22 amended “Unfortunately, the amended version of SB 22 that passed on May 22 by the Senate State Government Committee removed the random selection process and replaced it with legislative appointment. Because of this, this legislation would no longer create an independent commission”

June 12, 2018: SB22 amended “the Senate decided to completely ruin SB22 by attaching an amendment about a separate, non-gerrymandering, issue.”

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