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Gift Ban

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"I support a Gift Ban to make it illegal for legislators in Harrisburg to receive cash and other gifts."  

“Pennsylvania lawmakers receive the second highest salary of any state at $87,180/year, plus healthcare, a generous pension, a car including fuel and maintenance, and a per diem of over $183/day for food and lodging when they are in Harrisburg.  They don’t need handouts from lobbyists.”

“There is currently NO LIMIT on the size or number of gifts that can be given to legislators and a lot of it does not even have to be reported.”

“When self-interested lobbyists in Harrisburg can endlessly wine and dine our legislators, the citizens are ignored.”

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March on Harrisburg position is that no gifts should be solicited or accepted by elected officials, their families, or staff, except when the gifts are from personal friends who have no business at all with the Commonwealth.  Exceptions would be made for items of de minims value such as: a bottle of water or a cup of coffee during a meeting, plaques and trophies of no resale value, informational booklets). 

Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

Sample language For use on your website:

"I support amending the Pennsylvania Constitution to create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw legislative and congressional district lines and to prohibit legislators from choosing the commissioners."   

“Gerrymandering allows candidate to choose their voters instead of the other way around.”

“Gerrymandered districts produce fixed elections.”

“Gerrymandered districts produce “one party rule” within districts.  That makes legislators less able to compromise and find solutions, producing a polarized legislature.”

“An independent citizens commission, whose members are chosen by random selection (and not by the legislature), working without regard to politicians, party registration, or election results, will draw district lines through a transparent, public process.”

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