citizen lobbying

Want to lobby on your own? Great! 

  1. Find your state legislators and their contact information here.

  2. Schedule a meeting in Harrisburg or at the local office with your legislator to discuss MarchOnHarrisburg legislation. (Invite your friends/neighbors/other constituents to join us at the meeting!)

  3. Review Do's and Don'ts of Lobbying and FAQ around lobbying here.

Want to lobby with us? Even better! Simply check out the calendar for the next lobbying event.


citizen billboards

Citizen billboarding is a very effective way to raise attention in your district and to generate pressure on your Legislators. The idea is simple: We hold light and inexpensive billboards at major intersections that direct constituents to a website where they are instructed to call their Legislators.  Watch our how-to video here. 

Want to learn more? Check out detailed instruction on how to build your own Citizen Billboard here


The citizen billboarding tutorial was put together by Frank KirkwoodIf you have any questions on building your own Billboard, or joining in on an Pittsburgh event, contact Frank, Western PA organizer here:


citizen media 

Public opinion, especially the opinion of constituents, matters to elected officials. To show representatives in Harrisburg that we are watching what they are doing and that we want an end to gerrymandering and legalized bribery, we are targeting representatives that have not been supportive of this legislation through a letter-to-the-editor writing campaign.

1. Modify one these letter templates, filling in your personal reason for supporting these bills.

2. E-mail this letter to your letters to the editor or opinion section local newspaper, with a short note:

"Hi, my name is ___. I'm a volunteer with MarchOnHarrisburg and I have lived in _________ neighborhood for _ years. Below is a letter to the editor around redistricting reform."

3. Post the published article to our March On Harrisburg Facebook page and/or email it to